Superheroes! Wake up!


I love my life. It is being experienced through a filter of my imagination; stories that rise and fall in a series of moments. Free Will. It is a great story filled with ordinary miracles. Linear time filled with ins and outs, ups and downs, this and that, and all manner of things. Sometimes I make things mean a lot, and other times the moments slip by almost unnoticed. Unconscious. Life can be a series of storms if you so choose, dramatic and beautiful – with violent potential. We can be spellbound by how much love can fill one moment and be fascinated by ideas that stretch us. We can tumble and fall, or rise to the call, we can be lethargic and sleep through the best of it. Is there a right and wrong? Not really! This is eternity… ‘IT’ and ‘I’ and ‘You’ are only One thing! One Mighty Presence! One Power! One Love! Inexhaustible. The Living Intelligence.

In amongst the fluctuating content – from inside my little story – I often notice an old friend has been holding a great space for me. Ahhh…. A formless friend that’s very nature is to keep on turning up, offering itself to me fully, completely, re-presenting‪#‎wholeness‬ – inconceivably consistently :  )

I. LOVE. NOW. I find The NOW to be very reliable. Ozzing ‪#‎patience‬ (the eternal kind), it whispers a Divine Assignment in my ear; I hear it AGAIN – as if for the first time ∞ The Universe winks.

So it was one of those moments – to get all up IN it – and allow symbology to take over. Shimmering in magic and standing in the most fierce of winds under the Swaziland sky, I received a summons from the Universe to ONLY feel like a Superhero tonight! A delicious invitation; one wouldn’t dare refuse! I stood in awe of the full. blood. moon. eclipse. and at around 4.44am on my bday, the energy peaked and I yielded and said‪#‎yes‬! to something Great! It was a witchy sort of night! (true story) Perhaps I shouldn’t be so shy living in the centre of my own private prophesy! and rather stick to saying #yes…AND! falling into the romance of the Great Mystery moving AS me!

And so, stepping outside of the Great Story of my own Free Will…. I listened. The Divine Assignment:

In order to give yourself a proper shot at making a habit of living and being in the NOW, you have to unsubscribe from the dense frequencies that block your light. You have to take no interest in drama and bullshit, and invest your attention in the Grander Plan. And so, although you’ve heard it all before… NOW iz the time! And if you already know, agree to kNOW it NOW. Let’s start; here and now in The Time and Space Game! Master what is in front of you. Bring the highest energetic qualities to the simplest tasks of the day. Be reverential in your participation. Drink water. Stand in the light. Breathe deep. And smile… Be devoted to this moment. Make it special, then give it away.

Now, do it all again. Because the quality of this moment, is a snap shot of your life. And whether THIS is the only moment or it’s one in an endless stream in eternity… where you energetically hang out right NOW # is most likely your default setting in this giant Earthen story you live in.

The energetic fuel # YOU use to drive this moment, effects ALL of Time and Space. What ever ‘story’ you are living in; devote yourself fully to where you are. Renew your #yes, your Vow to NOW. Make it important, like the entire world depends on it. Because without the fire of self induced urgency– one cannot encounter the fullness of themselves. And in this time when ‪#‎celebration‬ seems like an endangered frequency, we have personal responsibility to take hold of our ‪#‎focus‬. Or do we? Free Will ∞ Wake up little superheroes and stop misusing your frikin powers! Cease to participate in conversations of limitation and fear, and rather water the garden of our potential… with undivided attention towards your Vision.

This is the time for Superheroes; disturb thyself out of dormancy! What if you are the Chosen One in this story? Would you handle it? Would you try and refuse the call? That evolutionary pull of progression keeps on knocking on the door of your subconscious, keeping you awake at night! How loud would a summons (of the Galactic kind) need to be before you heard it and believed it? Shall we tear down the walls of your current paradigm or send you a letter in the mail? What will it take for you to step up and let go of your little life?

Let your ‘story’ be spectacular; feel the Divine in your bones! Global transformation is happening through individuals. The individual. That’s you. That is me. Undivided.

It was a magical encounter with myself that night. Instead of saying that “I know”, I agree to know it NOW… and simply simmer… in the delicious frequencies of the emerging new world. Our world is changing, can you feel it? New frequencies are getting more airtime.‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎joy‬ ‪#‎wisdom‬ ‪#‎creativity‬ ‪#‎kindness‬ ‪#‎genius‬ ‪#‎service‬. Let us agree (on a personal Law) to hold affirmative #yes flavored conversations. We don’t look for the answers, we become them right now. We generate what appears to be missing, because that is the proper use of our superhero powers. And in amongst all the *momenterrorism, (whether inherited or generated) we are each-others reminder service; reflecting the ancient message back and forth, staying in an activity with the Truth of what we really are. What a special time in human history! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up from inside the story! Not because you have to, but just because you Get to. Free Will! NOW it’s time to ‪#‎play‬.

Richest NOWs! Kat Dawes ∞
‪#‎nowninjaz‬ ‪#‎nowism‬

Thank you so much to all those near and far that sent out a b’day blessing to me. I don’t think I remember whole days but I sure remember moments : )  and this was a most intensely magical night of monumental moments! X KAT X

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