Thanks for doing the Linear Time!

linear time

∞ What can be more incredible than watching a friend, loved one, or anyone really… take their last breathe in this physical life? What can amplify your sense of physical mortality in more potent ways, than being present during someone’s transition into the non-physical? Ah! Such a precious energy to be received! When this essence is successfully caught mid-moment, you can be awake enough to watch your own perception – slow time down. A rush of power washes up and takes over, connecting you and ALL your imagined pieces, to the presence of this moment… The NOW becomes loud! Unavoidable; Omnipresent. Intoxicated by the juice of the Living Intelligence, you yield and are breathed by the ONEness of all things!

AH such a gift to be here in this moment! Spirit being human; the flesh and blood game! A Divine Toast to the Galactic players! Here’s to the miracle of being Individualized Expressions of the Divine! We acknowledge the unique Cosmic Patterns that become people! Brothers, lovers, sisters and friends! Flicking in and out of the physical game! Colliding and riding along with each other in Time and Space! Thank you for playing full out in this life! Thanks for saying YES! to the environment of contrast! Thanks for disturbing yourself into the emotional spectrum of expression! Thanks for unlocking your gifts and capacities! Thanks for being a mirror, a reflection of the NOW! Thanks for turning up, for both loving me and for pissing me off! Laughter, tears, joy and fears! Thanks for signing the Time and Space Contract! ‘WE’ agreed to pretend to be separate! ∞

And as you watch your galactic friend loosen their grip on the human story you’ve grown known them in, you anticipate their last physical breath; transform your anxiety into wonder; drown your illusion of loss with reverence and celebration of Life! The hand feels frail, the breath is weak and yet just across the veil in some other dimension, you know your friend is busy trading in Time and Space for a Return Ticket to the Truth.

It is an art to smile AS you let go; to consciously participate ∞ NOWism ∞ Time stops…the rhythm changes. The moment sheds a skin! A wink from the universe, an eternal smile! We notice a Presence not an Absence! The last moment in a life brings an amplification of life in the living! Thank you mighty I AM, in all your infinite expressions.

…And see you again my friend; see you on the flip side of these monumental moments in time. Life after Life! Thanks for doing the linear time! I AM you, in the NOW! ∞

~Kat Dawes~ #nowism #nowninja #nowninjaz #life

Life after Life… ∞

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