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pleasure Vs joy

May you forget how you think your life should look, and get on with what’s behind all of it.  Because although you can manipulate external conditions; push time and space around and use your will power to hammer Reality into impressive stories of achievement; it will only fill you for a moment.  Your achievement may ‘make you feel’ #worthy, for a moment; you may feel pleasure, for a moment; it may at the very best, entertain your ego for a sprinkle of time, but then the next moment arrives and the next and the next, with the same subtle undertone; aching for something beyond this moment.

Pleasure is a sugar coated high, followed by a mighty crash. Stimulated by externals, pleasure requires the outer conditions to be and play out in certain ways in order to be felt.  And even then, pleasure has a *fine print that few bother to read.  Pleasure is but a temporary buzz, therefore the same muscles of manipulation you activate to originally ‘make it happen’, must be used in order to sustain the result of pleasure.  You have to keep pushing to protect, to maintain and sustain.  It can be done!  Yes! Most of the individuals in our world are operating from this space… Hence, we start to feel tired because it never feels done; protecting the pleasure that we have, fearing it’s pending closure.  We spin in spaces of wanting for the future to come and for it to be better.


You can let go of how you think it should look, and become a co-operative component to the Divine Intelligence which is seeking to express through you.  We don’t make it happen, we make it welcome, and we can do this by realizing we are never dealing with conditions, but rather working with the energy behind the senses.  NOWism.  The faster you play the game from there, the quicker your secret results start to pour in.  Secret, because it starts with little moments of alignment, synchronicities and and ‘co-incidences’.  You do a double take, not sure if you really just saw that, felt that… these little winks from the Universe.  Then before you know it, the good gets louder and louder; life spills over into extraordinary expressions;  instead of mere #pleasure, you begin to feel authentic #joy and it is about nothing at all.  You become such a finely tuned instrumentality of the Divine, distributing the divine good that has already been given! You sow energetic seeds that which become trees with abundant fruit. Ideas! Action to take! Clues! Hunches! Things to create!  You undergo a Divine Assignment with a certain #ease and #flow.  Your life becomes a walking testimony of your alignment. 

Just remember NOW NiNJA! Consciousness is King!  #Pleasure is a temporary human sensation, #joy is eternal, experienced as a powerful emergence, cultivated only through devotion. Get your NOWism organized, and the rest will simply be given.

~ Kat Dawes ~

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  • Uncle ian
    Posted at 21:02h, 14 May Reply

    Hey Katman.
    Just read ur blog.
    You must get global quickly…coz global needs you bad.
    Hope ur well.
    Unc IM

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