Never trade peace

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Your own alignment is the only thing that you can control and it is so precious… it is the only thing that matters. When you find yourself banging around trying to explain ‘where you are coming from’ to someone else and are clearly not being heard, (particularly if you have tried multiple times already) It is time to gather up your NOW and accept that you and the other are operating on different frequencies. You can’t hear each other; literally.

There is always 2 sides to the story… and then there is the Truth.

There is only one thing happening – your own consciousness and focus is being played out right before your eyes in people, place, things, situations and circumstances. We are perfect mirrors for each other, playing the energetic roles we unconsciously assign to each other. The sooner you take full responsibility for what is turning up in your space and own every inch of it; the good, the bad, the ugly AND the special features… the sooner you can extract the gift and keep moving.

It is uncomfortable, energetically violent and often exhausting. Welcome to Time and Space!

So whatcha going to do NOW NiNJA? Shift it and Lift it! Be humble and smile. And most of all… NEVER trade your inner peace, to be ‘right’.

~ Kat Dawes ~
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  • Uncle ian
    Posted at 21:22h, 31 March Reply

    I had this just today. Luckily I remembered u. I was on a different frequency to someone at a higher level. I felt great even though I was made to feel like my input was not going to cut it. I knew it would. Just a different frequency. Moral victory to me. Lol.
    Love u. X

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