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Man at the Grocer: “Busy day today?” He was packing my organic groceries and taking a moment to connect with me.

Girl at the Cafe Counter:  “Busy day today?”  Her big smile and friendly vibe was inviting me to share a moment with her.

Woman at the bank:  “You going to be busy today?” she was tapping the keys on the computer – finalizing my cash deposit.

Man at the post office: “Busy day today?” he was organizing my change for the parcel I was posting.

“No…not really” I responded to all of them, with a slight variation emerging as I started to notice something.

Busy = validation.

Busy = success.

Busy = good.

Busy = normal.

After having spent the best part of a year in Swaziland, Africa, it is a profound realization I am having as I start to readjust to the energetic operating system here in Australia.  Busy is  way of being here.  It is clearly a high value of ours to be ‘busy’.  We even use it as a greeting, “You been busy this week?”

But what is busy?  Why do we put such a high value on this state of being? 

We have inherited the idea that the ‘busy’ ones that ‘make it’ in the end.  The ones that work the hardest, push the longest, exert, toil and grind to the end…  Hard pressed, up to the neck, going hard and squeezing it in…these are the ones that get the mighty rewards at the end of the day. Or do they?

The sacrifice of time and energy is glorified in a most peculiar way.

Exhaustion means you must be onto something great.

Yet busy is truly cluttered, overworked and overdone.  Busy is filling up the time, trading #ease and #flow for excessive activity.  Now let’s be clear, busy is different to being fully engaged; devoted and deliberately deciding to fully participate in something you want to do, love to do – GET to do.  Busy is something that happens to you. Busy are the victims of the gritty system. Busy is bad energy management.  Busy… is bad NOWism.

“I like to keep busy”  What an odd thing to say!  Yet you can’t wait for the weekend, or a holiday so you can simply stop.  And when you do stop, it’s not for long enough… and you use the little bit of time to lament and anticipate your pending busyness.   

Busy is an addiction.  Busy is an abuse of your adrenals and most of all… Busy is a great insult to the power of what you truly are.  The true masters of this world know the power of the present moment.  They know the miracle of becoming the right condition to allow that which they need or require – to come to them via #grace and #flow.  The universe isn’t busy, it is a mind blowing orchestration of #elegance and #precision. 

May you trade your busyness for full engagement; conscious participation. Swap it on the Emotional Stock Market for a vibe that is worthy of your Present Moment.  Invest your attention. Masticate your NOWs… don’t bite off more than you can chew.  You get spiritual indigestion… it’s not sexy in the IdeaSphere. These days, busy is getting too much airtime, and it’s time to knock it off its invisible pedestal.  Learn to leverage the universe, you are better than busy.  And if you find that you say it, and don’t mean it… consider assisting the emerging paradigm by rephrasing and reclaiming what you really mean.  Let’s start congratulating the ones that take a moment to stop and smell the NOW; the ones who have time. Let’s stop the glorification of busy.   

~Kat Dawes~

#nowism #nowninjaz

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