#ambition Vs #vision

#ambition vs #vision

‪#‎Ambition‬ is something that has been glorified in our culture. It is a feeling of pushing towards a result. Underneath ambition is a thirst for popularity; to be noticed and respected for something you have achieved or attained. Ambition is that idea that when you get ‘there’ and achieve ‘that thing’ you will be fuller, feel better, happier and more powerful than you do NOW… Often when one ‘achieves’, one feels more self worth.

Ambition is the distant cousin of disrespect, because through a singular focus on becoming ‘more’, you steamroll over the present moment to get to where you are going. You ignore the quality of what you are bringing to this moment, because you are so keen to arrive somewhere else.

On the flip side, ‪#‎intention‬ and ‪#‎vision‬ are the harmonized versions of stretching towards an amazing future. It springs forth from Inspired Action; you lean towards your potential from a powerful space of ‪#‎wholeness‬. ‘I AM’. Consciously, you create your future from the expanded quality you bring to your NOW. The fire of urgency for the future, relaxes into a gentle unfolding from the platform of the present moment. As you harness the power of your potential through ‪#‎insight‬ and #vision, you smile from right where you are; knowing your future is NOW; there is no race, no chase, no comparison or competition, but rather a delicious reflecting and revealing of the presence of‪#‎power‬… here and NOW.

NOWism is the art of taking your end result and planting it in the present moment in the form of a feeling. Be to BEcome. Through Vision and Intention you cultivate a personal romance with your potential; it is both ‪#‎playful‬ and‪#‎powerful‬ in nature. Your human layers experience the peaceful revelation of ‘I GET to’ as opposed to ‘I HAVE to’. The further you go into an authentic NOWISM practice, the harsh frequency of #ambition fades into the past and life becomes less about what you achieve and more about what you become in the process. ∞

What is your NOWism?

~Kat Dawes~
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